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Nothing beats a successful fishing trip, and the memories you get to take home. If you have an upcoming fishing trip or are just looking to upgrade your fishing arsenal, then you’ve come to the right place. Barryton Hardware LLC is your local bait and tackle resource, right here in Barryton, Michigan. Whether you’re looking for fishing lines, hooks, baits, lures, bobbers, sinkers, swivels, or need a new pair of needle nose pliers, Barryton Hardware LLC has the fishing essentials you need to have a successful fishing catch on your next trip.

To that effect, we’ve made our little bait, tackle, and hardware shop into a local “must-stop!” for would-be campers, anglers, and outdoor thrill-seekers in the Mecosta County, Michigan area(s).Don’t forget to stop in and get the necessitiess when it comes to Garden equipment. Our Garden selection is for those who take pride in maintaining and creating their yeard scene.


Hooks Sinkers Bobbers Steel Leads Lures Live Bait Jigs Tackle Swimmer & Top-Water Bait Crossbows Rods & Reels Fishing Line Tackle Boxes Power Bait Ammunition


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